5 Simple Steps to Cook Juicy Turkey Meat

Step 1. Getting the ingredients and cooking tools


These are the ingredients that you will need for the recipe:

Roasting pan that has a wire rack or a V-rack if you can get one

8 ounces of butter (2 sticks)

1 tablespoon of thyme, sage and rosemary

Salt and pepper for seasoning

Food thermometer (SMARTRO meat thermometer are perfect for turkey cooking)


Step 2. Getting the ingredients ready


Take the butter out of the refrigerator and allow it to soften to room temperature. While the butter is softening, take your sage, thyme and rosemary and chop them coarsely. When the butter has softened enough, mix the chopped spices into the butter and use your hands to blend them in well. When this is done, take the turkey and separate the skin from the meat. The process is quite simple and easy if done gently. You just need to gently tug at the skin all around the turkey and make sure that the meat has been separated from the bone.


Step 3. Basting the turkey

When the skin has been loosened all round, the next step will be to take the butter and spice mixture and fit it into the spaces between the meat and the separated skin. Just scoop a little butter at a time and put it inside the cavity you have created, and then spread it until the butter is spread evenly all over the breast meat. When you have finished working on the inside of the skin, take paper towels and dry out the outside. When the skin is dry, butter adheres to it perfectly. When the skin is dry, spread all the remaining butter all over it and add a little of the salt and pepper for great the purpose of seasoning. If the turkey came with a pop-up timer, leave it in to prevent the juices from flowing out during the cooking process.


Step 4. Preparing the turkey for roasting


When the Turkey is well-basted on the inside and the outside, place the breasts on a wire rack, and then place the rack in a roasting pan. The drippings from the wire rack will drop onto the roasting pan and therefore, you need to add a cup or two of water to the pan to protect the drippings from burning the bottom of the pan. The breasts will be easier to handle on the rack than a whole turkey because most of the times, the entire turkeys tend to tilt from one side of the pan to the other, which prevents one side from browning properly as it should. When placing the rack in the oven, change the position a little bit and place it in the bottom 1/3rd position. This is the thermal center of the oven and the breasts will cook evenly there. Ensure that you use the ThermoPro food thermometer to keep checking on the temperature of the meat as it cooks and avoid overcooking.


Step 5. Roasting the turkey


Pre-heat the oven to 425 degrees F or 218 degrees Celsius. Place the breasts in the center of the oven and allow them to roast for about 30 minutes till they are well browned. When they have completed the browning process, reduce the temperature in the oven to 325 degrees Fahrenheit and allow the turkey to cook until it reaches a temperature of at least 165 degrees internally.

When the turkey is done cooking, allow it to sit for at least 30 minutes. Remove the thermometer and let all the turkey juices to redistribute on the meat.